My son attends Aflah nursery two afternoons a week and really enjoys it! The activities are well thought out for the age range, the equipment is perfect.

I feel comfortable with the nursery environment, the staff is wonderful and very professional.

Miss Afeefah in particular is very helpful when trying to settle my son in.

I would thoroughly recommend the nursery to any parents considering a pre-school for their child.

- Naeema


Salam Frazana

I wanted to take the time to express how happy I am with all the staff at Aflah nursery especially Ms Usma the way she reports to me how my child has done during the day is brilliant; my child struggles in big groups but recently she said Salam in the morning and she stood on the hot spot this is massive for her and when Ms Usma told me about both of these I really felt that she was extremely proud too which was really special.

I also approached her about getting some extra work for my daughter while we are away and within 2 days she provided me with work for my daughter and even took the time to explain to me what was in it.

Many Thanks


"Aflah Nursery helped my daughter gain confidence and independence."


"We would like to see Aflah progress from nursery level setting to school."


Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa baarakatuh

If you are looking for a safe and nurturing, Islamic environment for your children to learn and thrive then Aflah nursery is the answer, my son loves to attend and always has something positive to share with us when he comes home.

May Allaah continue to bless this humble effort aameen.

Baarak Allaahu feeki

- Haleema


"My daughter has enjoyed making friends, messy play and learning to read & write."


"My son is very confident now and understands basic phonics, friendship etc. He also is aware of how to stop other children if they annoy him as he was taught to say, 'Stop it, I don't like it!' and this very helpful."


Asalamalaikum Frazana

My journey at Aflah has been a beautiful one. I was recommended Aflah by a friend but initially I had my reservations. I then visited Aflah by appointment and within minutes of meeting you personally I felt comfortable. At the beginning, leaving my child at Aflah was always difficult. She was a reserved child and was very attached to me and her father and so leaving her at nursery was always awkward. Your staff always took the lead and reassured me that she was in safe hands.

I feel indebted to Aflah, yourself and all your staff members for looking after my daughter. Your staff always went out of their way for me and my child and it certainly wasn’t over looked. From heating her lunch up to cutting up her fruit at snack time and then keeping her over the allotted time. The personal service you gave my child has been greatly appreciated.

I feel proud of how hands on the Aflah staff have been, to the point I have continuously informed and praised Aflah for all the personal touches they have provided my child to the very people who tried to talk me out of sending her to Aflah.

Now nearly 19 months on, the once reserved child has become more confident and social. She has leadership qualities and no longer hides behind anyone any more. Alhumdolliah.

Writing this email has been very emotional for me as I understand I am moving on. But I am so grateful to Allah always and the in first instance for putting me in touch with Aflah and then secondly to all of you and then to yourself personally for looking out for me and my family and helping me out when I needed help. You truly have been a great help I couldn’t have carried on with working full time had I not have had support from Aflah. May Allah reward you all for literally everything you have done for me and my child. May accept all the acts of kindness you have shown me and my family as sadaqa and may they stand tall on the day of Qiyamah. May Allah protect you all and keep you and your families in His shade. Ameen.

Kindest Regards and Much Love,


"Aflah has provided the care and attention a child needs for his/her learning at nursery, feeling safe and appreciated. A child that yearns to go back the next day says a lot for the nursery and its staff."


"Aflah nursery has given my child a great boost of confidence and academic skills."



In September my daughter started Aflah nursery, as most kids are nervous stepping into a world without parents so was my daughter.

She had a few tears every day as I would leave her, but I left every day with confidence that she will be fine without me, because she had wonderful nursery workers who would care for her and divert her attention.

As weeks went on she became a confident girl, who looks forward to nursery and enjoys all the play and learning.

My main reason for sending my daughter to Aflah nursery is because, I love that children start the day with Allah's (swt) name, and are taught basic Islamic teachings. However I am impressed that alongside this they are also learning the EYFS curriculum.

She has made friends and is happy and comfortable with all the workers, and overall I’m very happy with Aflah.



"The farm trip was amazing and he really enjoyed football and karate too."


"Friendly, approachable atmosphere. Variety of extra-curricular activities offered and knowing that my child was in a safe Islamic environment."