15 hrs FREE childcare for WORKING parents of 2 year olds from April 2024.  Enquire at: www.gov.uk

Welcome to Aflah Nursery

A warm welcome and a hearty congratulations for your consideration of Aflah Nursery as a pre-school choice for your precious little one.

‘Aflah’ comes from the word ‘Falah’ and is translated as ‘having success in this world and the Hereafter’. This is what we intend and pray for, for all those who embark upon this choice, be it as a pupil, a parent, member of staff, volunteer, insha’Allah.

At Aflah Nursery we believe that children should be given the best kinds of learning experiences which are on a par with national norms but also provide children with lots of positive exposure to Islam and its teachings. We believe these formative years are crucial in shaping an individual’s intellectual drive and one’s sense of righteousness and morality.

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